Thursday, January 1, 2009

Launching VARTA

VARTA – Concept note

The launch of this new initiative of an art journal provides an occasion for critical reflection on today's need for a larger intellectual climate of art criticism and debates around art. 

As we look back on more than two decades of a booming culture of art galleries, curated exhibitions and catalogue productions in India, VARTA’s vision is –

To provide a new productive dialogue 'in words' between art practitioners, curators,  critics and viewers.

To communicate meanings and create larger worlds of artistic literacy.

To bring together two separate strands of art history and art criticism to mutually reinforce 
knowledges about art practices of the past and present.

To work out new public platforms for art discussions.

To create a fruitful exchange of ideas and opinions between intellectuals, artists, critics, curators, viewers and galleries.

To create an informed and discerning art market through art writing and art journals.


  1. It looks like a GREAT idea ! And a much needed effort. Looking forward to all the meaningful action ...

  2. It's Great "VARTA" to promot Young artist.